What is your favorite Streaming Platform?


Olivia Winkler, Staff

Have you ever wondered if you are using the right streaming service for what your paying for? We don’t think about how much these services cost a month or even a year. Everyone knows about Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and especially Disney +, they are so involved in our lives that almost everyone watches at least one of these platforms. Some of the comparisons that I would like to share is that Netflix does have lots of movies and tv shows but does it have what we are looking for? Unlike Disney + it takes away shows and movies. Disney + only adds shows and movies to its streaming platform. Hulu also has ads which is one of its down sides. Since February 2019, hulu ended up making its basic monthly plan $5.99 which that price includes commercials. And the commercial-free streaming is still priced at $11.99. What we don’t know is that researchers from Research firm Lab42 did a study “that 89 percent of streaming subscribers pay for Netflix, while about 46 percent use Amazon and 28 percent use Hulu.” So when you are looking for something to watch and you want to get a new streaming platform make sure you know the costs and what right for you.