What Does Christmas Mean to You?

Kinley Harris


Kinley Harris, Staff

It’s that time of the year. The daily temperature is constantly in the low forties or colder. All of the leaves have fallen off the trees, and the air has that cool, winter crispness about it. It’s the holiday season. It’s finally here. When we think about the “holiday season”, the main focus is, of course, Christmas. That magical twenty-fifth day of December that has the power to stop the world for a full twenty-four hours. It’s a day focused on family and giving, of receiving and rejoicing, of enjoying the presence of the ones you love and appreciating every moment spent with them. But, most importantly, it marks the birth of one man. A perfect man that saved us all. This day holds a special meaning to every person who experiences it. Now, what that meaning is depends on you. Do you host a birthday party in honor of Jesus? Do you cherish it as a reason for your family to be together? Or do you simply enjoy the rush of opening presents Christmas morning? Whatever it may be, this day is more than likely the most important date of the calendar year. So, ask yourself this this holiday season: What does Christmas mean to me?