Thanksgiving Mishaps


Danni Weidman, Kinley Harris, and Kaleb McGowan

Thanksgiving is said to be a time of thanks and being with the ones you love, but it can also be a very stressful time. Most people don’t associate this holiday with stress. Hosting the big Thanksgiving dinner is very nerve wracking. Wondering if you will get all the food done in time, if your house is clean enough for everyone, or even knowing if you will have the right amount of space for all the people who could possibly show up without notifying you ahead of time. You also have those family members that don’t get along with each other. For instance, Uncle Jim and Uncle Jack haven’t gotten along since their big feud in 1994, so you constantly have to defuse the tension between the two in order to keep the peace throughout the rest of the household. Yes, Thanksgiving is a great time of the year, but all too often the stress and mishaps that accompany this holiday is overlooked.