Thanksgiving is no joke!

Thanksgiving jokes that are sure to make you laugh.

Kaylee Burns, Timothy Parker, and Brooklyn Massey


Thanksgiving has been very underappreciated. It feels like most of the time we go from Halloween to Christmas. How do we change this you ask? A couple of students decided to go and spread some Thanksgiving cheer. Jokes tend to make everyone smile and laugh so jokes are what we used as weapons. Like the pilgrims we move with haste and rely on other people to laugh in order to survive. First we went to the office and those lovely ladies blessed us with their laughter. After, we traveled through the halls and the reactions are priceless. Thanksgiving is special because of the feast and the quality time with the ones you love. The best part about Thanksgiving is whenever my uncle tries to tell me a thanksgiving joke and then reminds me how much better his son is than me. Don’t we all love Thanksgiving? I enjoy it more than anything.