It’s Spooky Time…

Favorite Halloween Films

Kinley Harris, Justice Thompson, and Connor O'Neal


Kinley Harris, Staff

As we all know, fall is here and with that comes its terrifying holiday: Halloween. Now, often we hear people ask, “What’s your favorite Christmas movie?” or “Have you watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?” but it’s not everyday that someone comes up to you and asks what your favorite Halloween movie is. No one pays those movies any attention. So, in favor of all the Halloween films that are lacking attention this year, we bring you the top five Halloween movies as of 2019. Starting off the list is Disney classic Hocus Pocus. This must-see is filled with fun, laughter, and your fair share of spooks. Following that classic is 2017s remake of Stephen King’s It. Pennywise the Clown is once again the most popular Halloween costume due to this year’s release of IT Chapter Two, so if you don’t get your fill of scary clowns be sure to check its sequel out. Up next is Scream starring Drew Barrymore, telling the story of individuals who are being harassed by someone who took their love of scary movies a bit too far. Sitting at #4 is a film featuring your favorite family. That’s right; it’s The Addams Family. Everyone may not be familiar with the story line of the film, but anytime we hear their catchy theme song you now everybody’s sure to be snapping along. Last but certainly not least, closing out our top five list is the infamous Carrie. I’m sure thankful that my high school career didn’t turn into a horror story like this one did. So, there you have it, the top five Halloween movies of 2019 according to Lauren Puckett and the rest of those at Good Housekeeping.


Check out the above video to see some of your fellow classmates favorite fright-filled Halloween movies.