NBA VS. Hong Kong

Tucker Ford

Dalton Norman, Staff

Hong Kong citizens have been protesting in the streets in support of pro-democracy in their government. The protests have been going on since June this year. Many people calling it “a riot”, the protesters want that narrative to change to a peaceful protest.

Daryl Morey, the Houston Rockets General Manager, tweeted on October 4th his support for the protestors. He shared an image that showed the quote “Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong”. Morey inadvertently inserted the NBA into the middle of a huge debate over human rights and other laws. At that same time many NBA players were in China, so some people thought he put them in harms way with the tweet.  NBA players, Staff, Politicians, and American citizens took notice of the tweet.

Why was it such a big deal? China is a huge contributor when it comes to money, for the NBA. Millions of dollars come from China to the NBA. Chinese companies cut ties with the Association.

The protests have recently died down and the government in Hong Kong stopped the passing of a bill that was very important to the protesters.

The big question now is; is the league close to restoring the relationship between the NBA and China.