Vocals Are in the Air?

Choir Interview

The sound of music is in the air this fall, our Inola choir preformed many songs for our fall performance. They preformed songs that included Rhapsody, Sanctus and Dry Bones. There was a packed house, while including a good performance. They sang beautifully. Ms. Tice says that teaching music it can be hard but with good tricks and being creative anything can happen.  It is also hard in their contests to be able to sight-read. The woman’s choir sang Pamoga, My Girl and Gifts. Danner McGarrah, Abbi Diaz De Leon, Emma Marcotte, Daniel Ripp, Garret Cook, Emilee Patterson, Sidney Reidl, Kaytlyn Eagleton, Jonathan Menzel, and Tyler Gleason made NCDA Districts honor choir. This coming Sunday they will be singing with OKBU’s Choir. In December there will be a desert theater in the fine art building.  Come and support our Inola Longhorn choir this school year! With your support, this year will be one for the books!