Technological Learning

The Senator’s Office Visits the Inola Smart Lab

Destiny Massey, Kaylee Burns, Audrey Danker, Kaleb McGowan, and Kymisha Stiles


Jeff Underwood from Senator Lankford’s office made a visit to the Inola Smart Lab. He met Coach Dixon at an education summet and wanted to see what the S.T.E.M. class was all about. He spent 2 hours talking to students and finding out what they do at each station. During the first hour of his visit he learned to drive a Sphero. Spheros are robotic balls that teach coding. Then they were able to design and create a 3d printed plate with the Senator’s initials and a longhorn to represent the visit. Doing the second hour he met with students and asked questions about what they were working on. S.T.E.M. engages students in a different way by promoting thinking outside the box, and trying new things even if they seem impossible.