Why So Serious?

The new Joker movie has caught a lot of buzz. Critics are saying it could potentially be movie of the year.  This is one of the most hyped up DC movies since Wonder Woman came out in 2017. The movie is based in a dystopian Gotham in 1981. It is about Arthur Fleck, and his descent into the murderous Joker. The movie also speaks on many societal problems identified throughout culture. The Joker has caught a lot of heat for potentially glorifying a serial killer. People are scared that this movie could inspire copycat killers. Different movie theaters are putting undercover police officers in the theaters, so people feel safer and limit the chance of potential violence. Even with all this contriversie surrounding the Joker people are still lining up to go and see it. This movie has inspired a lot of panic and hysteria, but it’s alos being hyped up as one of the best movies of the year. Will you go see the Joker?