IHS Welcomes Students from Albania & Italy

Dalton Norman

Silvia and Kejti, straight from Italy and Albania.

photo by: Brooklyn Massey

Silvia and Kejti, straight from Italy and Albania.

Brooklyn Massey, Staff

This year we welcome two new foreign exchange students to Inola. Silvia Bortolotti, who is from Northern Italy, and Kejti Valeflli, from Albania.

Silvia and Kejti are both doing the same exchange program, which means a lot of what they are experiencing is the same. The ladies were asked what the biggest misconceptions about their countries are. Kejti said, “Most people believe that Albania is full of drugs and mafia members, but it’s not as bad as everyone says it is.”

Silvia said, “Many of the people around here believe that Italy is also full of mafia members and Italians live off of pasta and pizza. As it turns out, that’s not true either.”The most popular foods in both Italy and Albania are Mediterranean foods, actually.

Silvia and Kejti were also asked about their political views, but they aren’t allowed to discuss politics, according to their exchange programs. They said it could cost them the entire exchange program if they happened to offend certain people. While no one means to offend anyone, things could get misconstrued. Besides that, it seems as though the two are enjoying their time here.

They’re both in their senior year of high school, and taking classes throughout all grades. Hopefully IHS students can make their stay memorable, as well as make them feel at home.