As one door closes, another door opens

Madison McGowan

Madison McGowan, Staff

As the senior class of Inola High School is quickly approaching graduation, we asked a few of them about their plans after graduation.

Many of them are planning to attend college or university and pursue a variety of different degrees. Some plan to become teachers, nurses, engineers, accountants, and music directors just to name a few. Others plan on joining the work force straight out of high school, while others plan to go to tech or IT schools.

The seniors have waited what seems like an eternity for graduation to arrive and many of them are ecstatic for the day they get to drive to the Union Multipurpose Activity Center and walk across that stage, effectively ending their high school careers.

When asked about his feelings as graduation approaches, Matthew Trolinger said, “I am not excited to graduate high school because I do not want to work for the rest of my life.” Many seniors say that this is a very bittersweet moment for them. They have waited their entire lives for this time and now that it is finally here, they are not sure they want high school to be over.

Regardless of the feelings of the individual members of this graduating class, they have left a lasting impact on Inola High School and they will be missed by the many underclassmen, teachers, and administrators they have interacted with over the last four years.