Foreign Exchange Students

Madison McGowan and Micah Bynum


Micah Bynum and Madison McGowan

Here at Inola High School, we have three foreign exchange students. Their names are Lorenza Bertramelli, Marco Silvia, and Ayako Morita.

Lorenzo and Marco both moved here from Brazil, while Ayako moved here form Japan. When Marco was asked “What do you like most about Inola, he responded with “I like the school and the people”. Lorenza said that she likes that it’s a small city and that everyone knows each other. Ayako said she likes Inola because the people are very friendly and treat her so nice.

Lorenza said that one difference between here and Brazil was the size of Inola being smaller compared to the city she lived in. Marco also put in that the school and the food are very different.

When asked about what they’d miss most when they move away from Oklahoma Lorenza and Ayako both said they’ll miss their host families and Marco said that he will miss all of the nice people and our easy school.