Smart Lab

An Exploration of STEM

Through the years, Inola has fallen victim to budget cuts. Thanks to a grant provided by Mid America Industrial, we were able to introduce our very own Smart Lab. Following a classic STEM curriculum, this class explores the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math. Through this class, students have had the chance to participate in a wide variety of special projects. From cardboard boats to racing robots, Smart Lab is a class that everyone can find enjoyment in.

As part of next year’s classes, Inola will be introducing a Smart Lab ll. This class is designed to challenge students to solve real problems. During projects, students will be required to find a mentor who has done something similar to what they are assigned. This mentor will then help the students set up and carry out their projects.

Student Zach Cooper had only positive things to say about his time in STEM. “It has a lot of real-world applications, Its a lot of fun, and you learn so many new things.”