Inola Media and Broadcasting

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Walker Graham and Jeremiah Womack


Jeremiah Womack, staff

Inola Media and Broadcasting is a program at… you guessed it… Inola, Oklahoma. The class is ran by Mrs. Amy Gilmore and Mr. Dakota Koster.
Every week we create and publish at least one to two videos. The students in this class had to get a signature from Mrs. Gilmore or Coach Koster in order to get into the class (plus fill out an application). We use iMovie, a program made by Apple, and the music we “legally” download onto the computer to make our videos. We have good cameras: three video cameras, and a nice and expensive photograhy camera. We’ve used a go-pro type camera, for  things like hidden scare cam videos, and we have microphones for the cameras as well. We even have a real cool drone, but only people who know how to fly it are allowed to use it, because well, it’s expensive. We also video and live-stream school activities like sports.
The videos we create in this class are usually relevant to the school’s activities and achievements, like sports and other extra-curricular activities. Sometimes being in this class is difficult, like when we’re assigned a video that’s due in two or three days, and remember, we have this class once a day. I wouldn’t recommend this class for slackers, but for people who like to push themselves. Come on and join!