Izzy’s Mexican Flat Grill

Restaurant Review

Garret Cook, Staff

Hidden on East Admiral in Catoosa, Izzy’s Mexican Flat Grill is a glimpse at what food is really like south of the border. The menu contains many examples of classic Mexican cuisine as well as some more adventurous variations of what many consider standard Tex-Mex.
Found inside of a renovated gas station, Izzy’s may give new customers an unsure feeling, however the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” definitely applies. Once inside, the warm inviting impression, combined with quick friendly service, practically guarantee that even the most skeptical of diners will find comfort.
First time customers have only nice things to say. “The food was amazing, and the atmosphere is unlike what anyone would expect from a Mexican restaurant. The servers were friendly, and made sure everyone at our table was satisfied with the experience,” said Avery Welch. “I can’t deny delicious food. I definitely intend to go back.” Emily Patterson.
With incredible food, a pleasant atmosphere and friendly knowledgeable staff, Izzy’s Mexican Flat Grill is reinventing the way modern restaurants do business.