Four Day School Weeks

Madison McGowan


Madison McGowan, Staff

Almost every time you walk into a school, one of the first thing people talk about is the four-day school week.
Many lawmakers in the state believe there are many detriments to the four-day school week. They believe it is a disadvantage to children’s education. Lawmakers believe this situation is hindering student advancement, setting the children back for college or even their careers after high school. They think students need to be in school five days a week to do better, make better grades or score better or tests
Students, parents and teachers of Inola High School believe this is not the case. Most students and teachers believe the four-day school weeks are a great idea and great fit for Inola Public Schools. Teachers are in favor of the four-day work week because it has saved the school district over $150,00, which means it has saved teacher and staff jobs. They are also in favor of having Mondays off (as opposed to Fridays), because students can schedule doctor appointments (some offices are closed on Fridays), a few holidays fall on Mondays anyway, and there are too many sporting events on Friday that teachers and coaches need to be here for. Students believe the four-day school week is helpful to student well-being and less stress reducing, and many students just honestly like an extra day off.
Lawmakers are trying to pass a bill to make the least amount of days you are required to go to school one hundred and eighty. This means Inola students and teachers would be going forty-eight more days than what they are now. Many people hope this bill does not pass but if it does it will not go into effect until next school year.