Sports: Who Should Be Able to Participate in What?

Kinley Harris

Kinley Harris, Staff

Should boys and girls be able to participate in each other’s sports?
A topic of controversy in schools today resides on whether or not a girl should be able to play a guy sport and vice versa. We see many high school girls trying out for football and baseball and boys wanting to play softball, but should that be allowed?Should games we once deemed as “just for girls” or “just for guys” become games for everyone?
When interviewed, football coach Jeffrey Kvam stated, “I believe that as long as an individual dedicates themselves to a sport, giving their all in both practices and games, it doesn’t matter what gender they are.”
He makes a valid point, yet my opinion happens to differ. Yes, if an athlete is trying their hardest, it shouldn’t matter if they are a boy or girl, but then what is the purpose of having separate sports? If a girl can play football, why should we have a boys’ basketball team and a girls’ basketball team? Shouldn’t we just have one? Instead of having softball and baseball, should we just pick one?
Girls’ and boys’ sports are separate for a reason and should stay that way.