Coach Jerry Jones

Day in the Life


Walker Graham and Luke Gregoli

The day in the life of Jerry Jones consist of working out, teaching and telling his slaves (a.k.a. students) what to do.
His day usually starts at around 4:30 am. He gets around and makes pre-workout for himself and his sister Cassie. Together, they go and workout with the “Jacked in the Box” crew at the school at 5. Afterwards, they go back home, shower and get ready for work, not leaving until they have a much needed protein shake made by Cassie.
Coach Jones teaches Biology at Inola High School. The class consists of mainly sophomores and some juniors. He also coaches junior high wrestling, baseball and oversees the high school girls off-season program. When he is not coaching, he is usually officiating or umpiring.
To finish off his day, his sister makes them dinner, and they have a mini family dinner together. Coach Jones usually goes to bed around 7:30 or 8pm so he can be well prepared to get up early the next morning and successfully do his job to his best capability.
This is a day in the life of Coach Jerry Jones.