Hidden Scare Cam

Scaring innocent kids.


Jeremiah Womack and Garret Cook

One day Jeremiah was feeling particularly mischievous, camera and scary mask in hand, he made his way to Mrs. Eagleton’s room.
Womack took to hiding in the closet, hoping to catch the genuine reaction of an unknowing high school student. The plan was simple. Hide in the closet ready to scare students, which were prompted to “go get an extra book.” They didn’t know it at the time, but a special surprise was waiting for them on the other side of that door. “The thing in the closet” didn’t manage a reaction out of everyone, however we were able to catch a few decent reactions from quite a few different students.
Victims of the prank didn’t find it very funny, however in reviewing the footage, it was funny seeing students go up to the closet and walk away wishing they hadn’t volunteered to help Mrs. Eagleton. Next time the teacher asks you to get something from the closet, you should probably take a minute to consider what or who may be waiting on the other side of that door.