Le cours de français

{It’s French Class}


Walker Graham, staff

The French Class.
This year, Inola started expanding their Fine Arts Program. Now, the school offers French as a foreign language. In the past, we have always had Spanish, but that is no longer an available choice for the students.
The administration hired a new teacher to teach French classes. Her name is Miss Rinner. She just graduated college from Oklahoma State University. Rinner has her degree in the French Language and also in the Sociology. She teaches French two hours (3rd and 6th) and she also has a Sociology hour. She is a really good teacher, she is nice, and she knows what she is doing, so you won’t struggle to understand what she is saying.
Miss Rinner is also a Christian, which fits perfectly into our community. She also recently got engaged, so be sure to congratulate her if you pass by! The school does not offer the French class or any other foreign language class to the middle school. It is strictly a high school class; it also counts for credits to be able to graduate. As of now, there is no French 2 class. Since this is Miss Rinner’s first year, all her classes are beginner level classes. It is expected for there to be a French 2 class next year.
This would be a good class to learn something new that could be beneficial to you in the future. Learning French in high school could help you get a job that could possibly be useful in the future. The class might sound hard, but if interested, give it a try. Students not only learn the French language, but also a little French history in the process.