The Best Janitor Ever!

Meet Mary Graham the Best Janitor IHS Has Ever Seen

Mary from Inolanews on Vimeo.

Callie King

The Best Janitor Ever!

Callie King, Staff

There’s a new janitor here at Inola High School and everyone loves her. Teachers say their classrooms have never been cleaner and students say the air has never smelt so fresh! This acclaimed janitor is Mary Graham. Mary works hard everyday cleaning up after students and teachers. She has a busy cleaning schedule and works her fingers to the bone dusting, taking out trash, cleaning bathrooms, and so much more.

This school year is her first year as a janitor. When asked if she likes it here, she answered, “I really do, everyone is so nice and friendly.” She says that she has been treated very well by the students and teachers, “the teachers are wonderful and the students just ignore me, but if ask for help with anything they help without question.” Her favorite part of the job is the freedom she has, “they let me do my thing. They just let me clean.” There is one thing she wishes the students did differently. “I just wish they would keep their fingers off the glass. I feel like I clean the glass doors five times a day.” Just like any other job, it has its ups and down. “The hardest part of my job is by far the bathrooms, they’re so gross. The easiest part of my job is watching the students, they keep me young.”