Inola Choir Sings Their Way to All-State

ASC from Inolanews on Vimeo.

Coby Jones, Staff

Over 1,000 women tried-out for all-state choir and Becca Tenney and Haley Rowe went through a series of auditions to make the top 50 out of the whole crowd.
We had many boys and girls make it to the 2nd round, but only those two got the prestigious honor in going onto the 3rd round. They then had to learn seven more songs for their 3rd audition to insure they learned the songs for their concert on the end of Saturday.
Throughout January 18 to 20 they had nonstop practice working Thursday, Friday and the morning of Saturday. They all become acquainted on the first day and got their music to study. Friday they practiced in the group (there are two groups for girls because of so many) and started to make the magic happen. At the end of Saturday is when they perform what they have learned to the public with a concert in Oklahoma City. This is Haley’s first time to have this honor but this isn’t Becca’s first performance for the All-State Choir; she is returning from her time in 7th grade, where she first made it into the Junior All-State.
Speaking of the Junior High State Choir,  we also had many kids go this for it. Throughout January 11 to 13, five contestants from Inola Middle school and one freshman went to Oklahoma City to perform in the All-OCDA Junior High All State Choirs. With Ms. Tice by their side, they made through the auditions.
Garret Cook, Kaytlyn Eagleton, Tyler Gleason, Jonathan Menzal and Sidney Riedl spent three days singing their hearts out to perform at the concert that was held at the end of the third day. Ms. Tice was more than proud of all seven contestants for crushing the competition. She had so many good memories but one of her favorites was the effort they put in in general.
Ms. Tice was extremely proud of her students for making it through all of it with the courage and determination to make it to the end and have the pay-off. “We just have a great group of kids who are willing to put in the work,” said Ms. Tice.