August Students: Sarah & Micah


Halley Gilmore, staff

The students of the month for August are Sarah Peters and Micah Bynum. The honor of getting picked for student of the month is something only few get to experience.

When Sarah was asked about being selected for student of the month she replied,  “It’s cool, I guess.” Sarah has been chosen for this honor twice now. Outside of school she enjoys painting, reading and hanging out with friends.

Her favorite subject is forensics and her hardest subject is any kind of history. She has attended Inola for ten years and will be graduating in 2018.

Micah Bynum is a sophomore at Inola High. In his free time he likes to sleep and eat donuts. His favorite subject is history and his hardest is biology. Micah’s thoughts about being student of the month are he is “ …very surprised about being chosen, but happy.”

He is also a trainer for the football team and loves being on the sidelines, watching the game, but  “the worst part is the sweaty rag I have to keep on my shoulder.”

Congratulations to Sarah and Micah for earning the honor of Inola High School Students of the Month.